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Restoration of Old Portuguese Bungalow

We, the SIROI GOA team, are delighted to share with you an extraordinary journey of transformation. We have breathed new life into a magnificent piece of history – a 10,000 square-foot old heritage building that once belonged to the esteemed Miranda family.

This Portuguese house, with its rich heritage and untold stories, has undergone a remarkable revival. Our mission was not only to restore its original splendor but also to revive the lost narratives within its walls. We spared no effort in meticulously preserving its architectural integrity and paying homage to its glorious past.

Within these old walls, the stories of generations past have found a new voice. Through careful craftsmanship, we have lovingly restored its gorgeous windows, resurrected its hidden charm, and preserved its tucked-away nooks. The building now stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving and reviving our cultural legacy.

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