• Empowering Artisans

    At SIROI, We empower native artisans and continue to be platform for them to grow further and preserve our traditions.

  • Our Belief

    At SIROI we firmly believe, Craftsmanship is honored only through preservation and by ensuring that art's legacy lives on.

  • Across the World

    Embark on a remarkable journey with SIROI, where art, culture, & craftsmanship converge from across the world.

Our Collections

Our Collection includes the best hand-crafted wooden home decor materials sourced from different parts of the world. These exceptional pieces tell stories of Cultural Heritage, Creativity, and Skilled Craftsmanship.

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Terracotta Collections

Introducing Terracotta Collections, a testament to the beauty and allure of natural craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously created, capturing the essence of earthy charm and timeless elegance. From stunning terracotta pottery to intricately designed sculptures, our collection brings a touch of rustic sophistication to any space. Embrace the warmth and character that Terracotta Collections brings, allowing nature to seamlessly blend with your home and ignite a sense of serenity and grounding.

Teracotta Collections

Furniture Collections

Experience the allure of our exquisite Antique Collection, where timeless elegance seamlessly merges with impeccable craftsmanship. Every piece is meticulously handcrafted, utilizing a captivating blend of both old and new wood, to bestow a distinct character and charm upon your living space. Indulge in the harmonious blend of history and modernity, as you create an ambiance that emanates sophistication and style.

Furniture Collections


With pleasure and passion, I, Sapna Kabra, founder of SIROI, introduce our esteemed platform. Inspired by artistry and a desire to empower native artisans, SIROI is the gateway to handcrafted excellence in captivating Goa.

At SIROI, we believe in the transformative power of art and craftsmanship. Through our platform, we preserve traditional art forms, empowering artisans for generations to come.

Our mission is twofold: empowering native artisans and curating rare handcrafted products from diverse parts of India and beyond.

Support us to contribute to artisan growth, well-being, and the preservation of their crafts.Embark on a remarkable journey with SIROI, where art, culture, and craftsmanship converge.

Heritage Portuguese House Restoration

You can read more about how we restored this house in the article featured on News 18 in detail by clicking on the button below.

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